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Orah Krug PhD. is recognized in her field as a master clinician, supervisor, teacher and author. She has been a licensed psychotherapist for over 30 years and an adjunct professor at Saybrook University for over 15 years. Her therapy and teaching has been inspired by her two long-time mentors: Irvin Yalom M.D. and James Bugental PhD. Orah has contributed to her field through numerous chapters and articles on the practice of Existential-Humanistic therapy including her highly regarded texts published by the American Psychological Association: Supervision Essentials for Existential-Humanistic Therapy (2016) and Existential-Humanistic Therapy (2017).


Dr. Krug is a founding member and past Clinical Director of the Existential-Humanistic Institute (EHI). During her time as EHI’s Clinical Director she developed a comprehensive and nationally recognized training program utilizing the key ingredients of the existential-humanistic (E-H) therapeutic approach, include cultivating presence, curiosity, and empathy while learning to effectively respond to intra and interpersonal processes.

Dr. Krug formed Krug Counseling to pass on her knowledge and expertise in the field of psychotherapy, therapist development and practice management. Dr. Krug provides training, supervision and consultation to a growing group of psychotherapists in the Bay Area and around the world.   


“Orah is a superb therapist and a soulful woman.” - Irvin Yalom M.D. Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry, Stanford University.

"Orah Krug is a leading voice in the theory and application of contemporary existential-humanistic therapy."  - Kirk Schneider, PhD

"Orah powerfully embodies the principles of Existential-Humanistic therapy that she teaches--presence, building a safe and transparent relationship, endless curiosity, and gently challenging students toward their growing edge as clinicians.  Working with Orah has been a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me, and I can't recommend her highly enough." - Troy Piwowarski PsyD, Existential-Humanistic Institute Clinical Training Director


Supervision Essentials for Existential-Humanistic Therapy 

Supervision Essentials for Existential-H

“Supervision Essentials for Existential-Humanistic Therapy is a clear, concise, and comprehensive guide to the art of clinical supervision. It skillfully teaches beginning therapists curiosity and empathy, examining inter-personal process, and respecting the uniqueness of each client.” - Irvin Yalom M.D.

The Wiley World Handbook of Existential Therapy

Wiley world handbook.jpg

Existential-Humanistic Therapy​​

Existential-Humanistic Therapy.jpg

“Schneider and Krug are renowned scholars and practitioners of existential-humanistic therapy. Not only does this volume clearly explain the theory and practice of existential-humanistic therapy, it is also a clear example of psychotherapy integration at its best.”- George Stricker, PhD, Professor, American School of  Psychology at Argosy University

Comprehensive Textbook of Psychotherapy: Theory and Practice

Comp psych textbook.jpg
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