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Individual Therapy

Ind therapy

My experiential and relational approach creates a safe and intimate space where self-protective patterns and hidden wounds can be felt and explored, not simply talked about. This “here-and-now” style of therapy encourages self- acceptance and agency, it supports re-integration of disowned parts, and ultimately leads to lasting healing and change.


The primary goal of our first meeting is getting to know each other and how I work. If we both feel good about working together, and feel confident it will be productive, then we’ll collaborate on the therapy goals and begin the process of building a more satisfying life for you.

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy

For couples, the first meeting is to learn about your current struggles and goals of the relationship.  Similar to my individual therapeutic approach, we will experience your “relational dance”, not simply talk about your difficulties. Once we experience your way of “dancing” together, we can pinpoint where, when and why the “flow” stops. 


This experiential approach to couples therapy helps both partners “understand their part” and consequently makes taking responsibility for their relational role more likely. Next, I help each partner work through old wounds and dissolve the problematic protective patterns, so together a new “relational dance” can be built on a sturdy foundation of love, respect and empathy for one another.

Group Therapy

Group therapy

Group therapy has a long and well proven record as a highly effective and useful form of psychotherapy. It is as helpful, and in some cases more helpful than individual therapy, particularly in those situations where social support and learning about interpersonal relationships are desired objectives.

Video & Phone Sessions

Video and phone

I am also able to meet with individuals and couples by video or phone for those who might not be able to meet in person.  While this flexibility is a great benefit, please note there are some limitations to “Teletherapy” which we can discuss in order to determine if this mode of therapy works for you.

Ind/Group consutation

Individual and Group Consultation

My years of experience as an Existential-Humanistic therapist and supervisor have shaped my approach to consultation. Unlike other consultation groups that mainly discuss the client, I work experientially by inviting participants to role-play a client or explore their own personal contexts. 

These activities help participants experientially understand their clients' personal contexts and protective patterns that are getting triggered. Throughout this process, I cultivate a safe and secure consultation space. 

Consultation Group Options

  1. Weekly Consultation: Mondays from 12-1:30

  2. Monthly Consultation: Friday morning from 10-12 (remote) 

  3. Monthly Consultation: Friday afternoon from 1:30-3:30 

  4. Monthly Consultation: Saturday morning from 10:30-12:30


Individual consultation is available by appointment.

Multi-Day Workshops and training


I offer workshops and training for licensed therapists and supervised graduate students. One of the joys of teaching my experiential and relational approach is watching participants find more meaningful and effective methods to cultivate healing and change. Upcoming workshops and trainings will be posted here.

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